Thursday, June 14, 2007

nine and a half weeks
Well, what a relief! I’m not being or feeling sick anymore and the tiredness has become much more manageable. Phew - even for me, going to bed at 7pm seemed a bit early. On the downside, I’m beginning to be a bit on the tubby side and my feet have a tendency to swell up - it’s only going to get worse, isn’t it?
Yesterday I scored a series of complete blinders - I managed to win some Converse All Stars shoes (now all I need is a long stripy scarf) by filling in a survey at work, was rewarded for long service with 50 dollars, finally managed to persuade my manager to buy me Adobe Creative Suite 3, got a book from Amazon courtesy of same manager to thank me for my long service AND picked up 20 prefold cloth nappies for free via Freecycle. On the way home from Brixton on the bus I realised that the park opposite the Sett reached all the way to Camberwell, something I had previously been dimly aware of but had never explored. I hopped off the bus and set off, hoping that the signposts wouldn’t run out before I had reached a part of the - evidently enormous - park I recognised. They did run out, but I guesstimated right for once and made it home halfway through Front Row, much quicker than the TFL journey planner had predicted.
To top off the day of unexpected pleasures, TA had made me a lovely dinner and we spent a great evening eating, chatting and playing with the pupster.

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