Thursday, July 19, 2007

aka sprout
My brother asked in an e-mail (he writes maybe three times a year) if we were going to refer to sprout as increasingly large vegetables. I replied no, but it did get me thinking. TA suggested "turnip" for sprout's current girth.
We've been batting suggestions for a name back and forth. It was like this when we decided to get a puppy, this never quite agreeing, then TA would make a suggestion and I'd say "what about Deefer?". TA: "What about Max?" Me: "What about Bobbins. Bobbins the dog." TA: "No, no. I like Max." Me: "What about Deefer? What's wrong with Deefer?"
Now we lie in bed and discuss it with great earnestness.
TA: What about Ulysses?
Me: What's wrong with Tobias? I like Tobias, you used to like Tobias. Hmmm. I like Vita.
TA: Yuli for short.
Me: Yuli's a name on it's own. I think we should wait until we know, you know, which way it's going to pee.
TA: Maybe. What's the name of the one with the owl?
Me: Athena?
TA: Yep, what about Athena. Athena Vita?
Me: I think that's too many "ah" sounds. I like Athena though.
TA: Yeah, Athena.
Me: What about Vita. I like Vita. Vita Athene?
And so it goes on. On and on. I'll tell you one thing though - I like Vita. And Deefer. Deefer's the best name for a dog; not a daughter though, obviously, Deefer Daughter would just be cruel.

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