Monday, July 02, 2007

sprout comes second
We’ve been upstaged! TA is one of five and the second youngest, but we were smug: we were providing the first grandchild. We were wrong. One of TA’s sisters, not the one we used to share a house with, is pregnant, two weeks more pregnant than me. As we all know, when it comes to being a grandparent, a child in the same country is worth a multitude of overseas kiddies. Bah! Poor sprout, starting life in second place. But, looking on the bright side, how cool to have a cousin.
Actually, TA’s siblings are a bit like the Spice girls in that they come in lots of different flavours: mad sib, engineer sib (boy), sporty/navy sib and drama sib. It’s sporty/navy sib that’s having the sprog. I spent a few minutes pondering what kind of cousin will result from the couple whose interests include: fixing helicopters, running marathons, competing in iron man/woman competitions, sailing races, triathlons... At least if we somehow spawn a sporty sprout (shudder) rather than a bookish, artistic, creative type he or she will be able to run over(!) to the uncle and aunt’s house, once we move to Oz at least (not even the sportiest sporty person could swim, run to Australia).
Many thanks for your kind reassurances about the lard. Sadly I've spent the last few days clearing my wardrobe of all the clothes that no longer fit and trawling ebay for bundles of expanding waistband clothes. I think I'm all set now, apart from disposable knickers and nursing bras - what have I let myself in for?

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