Monday, July 23, 2007

things fall apart
After three years of making suspicious whirring noises and never quite being as cool as you’d expect a machine with an ultra-cool system to be, TA’s custom-built whizz-bang PC has gone bang and will no longer whizz. TA is mourning it like a lost limb and wondering how the hell we are going to afford a new one.
Judging from the bereft phone call, he’s currently crying in a corner (possibly under his desk) feeling all the mixed emotions that go to make up grief: denial, anger, guilt, bone-crushing sadness. So far I have merely gritted my teeth, girded my loins and done a few web searches to gauge the level of financial pain this is going to engender. It’s going to hurt, a lot.
I’m trying to reassure TA – all his files are backed up on an external drive, he wanted a new machine anyway – but, frankly, we could have done without this setback. The pips at the bottom of my wallet were already squeaking at being squeezed so hard, I think they’re going to be pulverised by this turn of events.

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