Friday, August 31, 2007

hodge, meet podge
First off, cross your fingers, toes, arms, legs and anything else you've got - TA has an exciting interview today for a short-term contract doing really cool stuff for a high-profile project. There's money in it too. Obviously, getting this job would be good news.
Second, I owe you a Sprouticus update!
I had a midwife appointment yesterday. "Have you felt the baby kick yet?" she asked. "Yes, emphatically. All day and all night," I replied. She raised an eyebrow at me in disbelief and suggested I hop up on to the gurney so that we could hear the baby's heartbeat. Sprout didn't let me down, as soon as I was horizontal he started doing lengths with his special, patent-pending "kick mum coming and going backflip end change" move. My belly heaved and roiled like a very heavy sea in a force-10 gail. "Oh, that was a kick!" she exclaimed in shock. I nodded, satisfied that I had been vindicated. Sprout kept it up the whole time she was moving the doppler thing across my ever-expanding belly so that she could only get a fix on the heartbeat for a few moments before losing it again.
Next up we had the blood test results. "Didn't the consultant go through these with you?" she asked in disbelief. I bit my tongue about the broom cupboard and wee-spilling ineptitude and simply shook my head. "Hmm," she flicked through the forms. "You don't have Syphalis. HIV... negative. Hepatitis... negative. And your iron levels are great."
"Er, well that's good news. I don't have syphalis." I tried to attempt a joke even though I was shocked by her casual delivery of what could have been really bad news. Then the real oddity occurred to me. I reeled. "But, I got a prescription from the clinic for iron tablets - they rang me and said I was anaemic!" She shook her head, "Don't take them - they give you constipation."
"TOO LATE, three a day for a month - I've finished the prescription! I KNOW they cause constipation!"
There's more to tell - I really should regale you with stories of the thrills and spills of an Iggles holiday, let you know about our adventures at the hospital during the tour of the maternity facilities - but it's lunch time and I'm hungry.

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