Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the return of the king
The conquering hero returned! After a last-minute e-mail enquiring as to our availability, ex-housemate C was in the house last night. Oh, it was wonderful. We gave him the tour (this is the airing cupboard, this is our dog, here is the bathroom, here is the porcelain badger plate...) and fed him a roast beef dinner. And we talked and talked and talked - about the fame academy house, about Texas, about everything that has happened to all of us in the last two years. Sitting on the sofa I pointed out TA’s feet to ex-housemate C - "look, he’s wearing the socks you got us for Christmas, the Return of the King socks!" It was as if he’d never been away. And then, after apple pie and ice cream, TA walked ex-housemate C to the bus stop and waved goodbye.
Lying in bed I was all smiles. I hadn’t realised how much I missed ex-housemate C, I explained to TA. Wasn’t that a lovely evening? Wasn’t it brilliant to see him again? This morning, for the first time in weeks, TA, the pup and I walked into work together. We talked of TA’s concerns about a freelance job he might do, the sunshine, the pup, how long his computer is likely to hold up with the new motherboard and, of course, how good it was to see ex-housemate C again.
He’ll have left London by tomorrow morning and perhaps by the time he stops by again we’ll have moved to Australia. Who knows the next time our paths will cross. I miss him.

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