Wednesday, August 08, 2007

what do you choose to give?
Recognising that everyone self creates, self mutates and chooses for themselves who to be and what to take from the rich world to hold precious in the heart; what would you give to the next generation? TA and I, obviously, bring different gifts to the party. His is the CD of Mozart playing through headphones, his are the plans to take Sprout through all the wealth of empire collected in London's museums. Me, I am ever so slightly more circumspect. I am eyeing parks for walks and planning expeditions to the countryside, thinking that the DNA of Englishness is written in chalk down, dale, copse, sea and flint. I am thinking of bedtimes and poems to be read; but most of all I am trying to laugh often and immoderately, trying to fill my heart with exhilaration so that Sprout is bathed in endorphins and believes that a happy world awaits. But still, I’m looking forward to sharing all the stories, poems and songs - a mother tongue.

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