Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Which is to say, still, wooyay, but ugh I’m knackered. It is, as we feared, hard to have TA working (long, long hours) on a fantastic, high-profile film project and balance the needs of the pupster and me. After some push back from the lovely HR department, I’ve managed to change my schedule to a more flexible work-from-home arrangement, meaning that the pup is only home alone for half the day. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but better than all the alternatives.
TA and I get up - I prepare his lunch, he walks the pup; we try to get out of the door within an hour. I rush in to be here at 8am (kissing TA goodbye on the bus) I rush home at 12 to be with the pup. I log back on to work, but spend an hour feeding myself and pup, doing dishes and giving him a cuddle before starting work again at 2pm. At 6pm I log off, if I can, and run to the park with Skye, prepare dinner and get groceries, if needed. TA gets home at 7.45pm, if we’re lucky. We eat. We stare at each other glassy eyed and try to summon the energy for watching a film or doing something with the evening, we fail. If the pup is lucky, TA takes him out for a quick stroll round the block. By 9pm we are in bed. The alarm goes off and it starts all over again.
Last weekend, which seems an aeon ago, TA worked both days and I did chores, preparing to the best of my ability for the week ahead by batch cooking and ensuring that the Sett was immaculate (fleetingly). I realise that this is how other people live all the time. My heart bleeds for TA who has no time to breathe let alone relax and I struggle to make it so that all he has to do outside of work is play with the pup. But I have been spoilt by the last few years of having him at home full time and am unused to having to get groceries, do all the chores and cook every day as well as work, and now I am at the cusp of the third trimester I’d like to be slowing down, not speeding up.
We are surviving on adrenaline and the excitement of being - for one last hurrah - dual income and no kids, but not extravagantly: we are paying off loans and clearing credit cards. Even if TA’s sudden promotion to the well-paid world of post-production doesn’t last we will face 2008 in a much better financial position than we started 2007.
In other news, Sprout is a boy! We had our final scan at the end of last week and he is very much a boy.

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