Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Which is my rubbishy way of annotating woo to the power of yay in a headline format because my HTML skills in no way allow me to figure out a superscript option. But still, woo, yay.
TA got the gig! He starts on Friday, yes, the day after tomorrow. He will, pro rata, be earning much more than me. This should be a woo-yay thing, but somehow I resent it. "Come back after a year and a half of full-time work and we'll talk!" I think to myself. But also, I think: shoes, clothes, food, the living is easy, holiday! And have to be talked off the consumerism ledge gently and reminded of sensible things like surviving during my maternity leave and the fickle nature of post-production houses' employment policies.
And what about the pupster! This is not a woo-yay thing for him. I'm going to have to be very cunning to swing a work from home schedule that will allow me to spend a part of each day with him - it may be a case of blaming Sprout. Also, I will probably have to modify my chore-delegating behaviour, not that TA ever paid too much attention to the list of chores to be done, but still.
However, the fact remains: woo x yay. And here's a picture to celebrate:

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