Friday, December 14, 2007

milky milky
In preparation for Sprout's arrival (not long now!) my norks have sprung into action, or perhaps I should say sprung into leak. I'm overjoyed by this new talent and keep attempting to give TA a demonstration of their creamy prowess, but unfortunately he is not as overwelmed by their ability to fountain baby fuel as I am. This is a particularly gratifying development given that the nipples are notoriously "shy" and the piercings have never quite healed. It's surprising though how difficult it is to impart this knowledge to other people during non-drunken conversations. It's a good job I have a blog really otherwise I might be buttonholing people in the street trying to persuade them to watch me attempt to squirt milk at them. Of course, I've also had a quick taste. It's sort of sweet, oily water - nothing like cows milk at all (at least not so far).

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