Wednesday, July 23, 2008

two summers in one year
What on earth have I been doing all these months? Well, looking after Sprout, mostly, but also reading and listening to Radio 4. Meanwhile, TA has landed himself a new job. And now I am crazy busy, as crazy busy as one can be while still allowing an infant to sleep in one's arms for up to six hours a day (we've tried putting him down with no success whatsoever - it's easier this way). Why am I crazy busy? Because we are moving to Sydney in September, that's why.
Yep, the other side of the world with a baby, a dog and far too many possessions. Eek, I believe is the technical term. There's a million things to do and each day I try to achieve three. Unfortunately, it's often impossible to even get one thing done, thanks to my full schedule of dog walking, baby nursing, baby napping, cooking and laundering.
Trying to pull words out of my head is akin to pulling spaghetti out of my nose - I've got such a tangled mess of thoughts - it seems impossible to make any kind of narrative sense of the last few months, let alone what's happening now. Visas, passports, flights, renting the Sett, contracts, shipping, vet bills - it's too much, so much that we haven't begun to think about what we'll do when we get there. We'll have two weeks in Melbourne with TA's friends and family and then three weeks in Sydney in accomodation (two of which TA will use to house hunt with me). I've spent 12 hours in Sydney before and know nothing about the place. However, it has to be better than gangland London, right?

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