Saturday, December 20, 2008

diet of worms
My master class in how to alienate and horrify the few people I am friendly with in Sydney continues apace. I am in the post office queuing to pick up a parcel (something I do frequently as 1. the postman refuses to ring the bell but would rather leave a ‘sorry I missed you’ card and 2. the postal service here does not allow one to organise a redelivery - honestly, the list of things that are quite unbelievably rubbish here could fill a small exercise book) and I bump into another AWAC (Animal Wife and Child - TA’s company employs an awful lot of ex-pats and in theory I have a ready-made social network). This - bumping into AWACs in the post office - happens to me a lot (see points 1 and 2) and I’m not very good at the unprepared for social interaction with people I hardly know but am desperate to be friends with, despite feeling like we have nothing in common. So, I put on a friendly face and make small talk - ‘hello other AWAC’s baby, hello other AWAC. Collecting a parcel?’ - and it was at this point that I made a fatal error of judgement, letting my excitement blind me to the lunacy of what I was about to admit.
‘Me?’ I said with a big, thrilled grin. ‘I’m here collecting my worms.’
The AWAC visibly flinched and stepped back a pace. ‘Live worms?’ She said, looking with horror at the innocent-looking parcel in my arms.
In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought. ‘Yes, for my composting bin.’
‘You have a garden?’
‘No. The bin is on the balcony.’ I could see her make a quick mental note - never, ever visit these people’s apartment.
We made our separate ways out of the shopping centre and I followed her up the road at a discrete distance until she entered her building and then I raced home to soak my peat block and examine my worms.


Carroll said...

Classic! Just think of the fodder you've provided for the rumor mill (should that be "rumour" in Brit-speak?) And just wait 'til you have compost-enriched home-grown produce to feed your fellow ex-pats. Mark my word, they'll come flocking to your social events, and thanking those productive worms with every fresh and tasty bite :-)

badgergirl said...

'fodder' - that reminds me, I very nearly scraped some fresh horse manure off the street in one of the bags I was carrying for Skye poo on a walk the other day. I am getting a bit obbsessive about the compost 'recipe'.