Tuesday, December 23, 2008

going AWOL on the AWACS
Christmas, eh? Different things to different people and, of course, much different depending on where you are in the world. However, no matter how far you run you cannot run away from yourself and, despite saying that we wouldn’t do anything at all this year, TA and I suddenly and simultaneously got the festive bug. It is going to be scaled back, mind, from previous Isle of Wight affairs, but still. We’re having the traditional smoked salmon and eggs breakfast, Baileys coffee mid-morning (me) and then Hugh F-W beef, roast veggies and Yorkshire puddings, followed by trifle (me) and baked custard (TA) for lunch. Nothing much*! Next year is going to be huge so we felt fine about scaling back. Actually, we’re both ‘stoked’ about having quiet - Sprout permitting - family time.
This morning TA got a call at work from one of the AWACs. Apparently, all the English are heading off to a park for a bring-a-course-each barbie. The plan was outlined in detail via email - what course did I want? Together with instructions to keep my receipts so we can split the cost. My heart sank like a stone.
Very tentatively I emailed TA - ‘thoughts?’
Luckily (I love my husband), his thoughts matched mine and as I wrote back, feeling more confident, ‘it sounds like hell on a plate.’ I made our excuses - possibly far too many - and returned to the kitchen to take a ginger sponge cake out of the oven. Project trifle was a go.

*I have made brandy butter ready for a shop-bought pudding (boo-hiss) that I will pick up reduced, with any luck, on Saturday. Also, planning to score a ham and a turkey crown if I can - since Thursday is TA’s first day of a week of holiday we’ll have plenty of opportunities for gluttony after the big day.

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