Thursday, January 29, 2009

learning curve
TA and I have had an idea for a business; well, TA had the idea, but I'm the one who is currently executing on delivery. It's a big leap in the dark! Anyway, I'm experimenting with the tools that will form a supplimentary part of the project over in the sidebar. I expect the adverts will be removed once the project is up and running. It's a bit crazy - we've never done anything this wild before, but necessity is the mother of invention and all that.

learning curve too
Sprout is one. It is time, I have decided, to get more disciplined about enriching his environment. That sounds very serious, doesn't it? It isn't at all, of course! I'm aiming for one new activity a day.
Yesterday we did finger painting for the first time, which was a qualified success - the activity lasted all of three minutes with at least five minutes of set up and clean up either side, but there. The day before we played with playdoh, again it was only diverting for a few minutes. Today, I am planning to help him develop his balance (he's walking and climbing already) by setting up an obstacle course in the living room with cushions.
We walk Skye in Centennial Park most days, which gets him looking at trees, ibises, cockatoos, pelicans and so forth, we go to the swings most afternoons (he dislikes the swing itself, but loves picking up leaves and twigs). He also has a fair amount of independent play each day, not to mention naptime.
This stay-at-home mother business is more time consuming than I ever imagined, what with chores and all the other bits I fit into the day!

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