Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That's what we're looking for, isn't everyone? We're both so tired of laying track as fast as we can while the train's whistle sounds in our ears. We read Four Hour Work Week and a light that had been flickering for years went on and stayed on. Now, I veer from messianic self belief to crippled with doubt. The audacity of stupidity, perhaps, but we tell each other - it has to work. And if it doesn't we'll try something else. As TA, in his Aussie way, says, "Throw enough shit on the wall and some of it will stick."
Anyway, today I wrote our launch press release, ready for when the site is finished. Those three years at the PR agency will stand me in good stead, I hope.
The final aim is to move to Gippsland - yes, charred and smoking Gippsland - and live the self-sufficient dream. Meanwhile, I make yogurt, mother Sprout, create an online presence, look for a new day job for TA and continue to work on myCGpimp. Interesting times...

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