Wednesday, July 15, 2009

jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jumping
Christ, things are mad here. Nowhere to live. No job. Staying with TA's friends, who have a Sprout-aged little girl, while TA teaches in Melbourne. We're saving money, but my sanity has gone for a burton. Sprout is up from 3am every night feeding until 6am, at which point I just give up and get both of us up. I miss London. I miss work. I miss friends. I miss having an identity that is separate from my relationship with TA and Sprout. I miss being a functioning adult. I miss understanding how the world works. I miss sleep. I miss the BBC and freedom to listen to Radio 4. I miss writing - here, there, everywhere. I miss my figure - I'm Rubensesque.
I'm looking for somewhere to live (I still don't understand how it can take months - and I'm the one living it); I'm looking for a job. Frequently, I'm looking for my sanity - if you see it, please let me know.
My days are a blur of coffee and childcare. We go to the park. A lot.
Sometimes TA and I commit to doing something 'fun'. Last weekend we went to a children's farm so that Sprout and I could stroke piglets. On the way there, a kangaroo jumped across the road in front of us. That brings my kangaroo spottings to two.
We've been in Australia nearly a year. Very few days have gone by where I've not wished I was still in London.

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