Sunday, May 05, 2013

putting the class into classmate

Small boy had a play date today with a friend from Hogwarts. Now, our house is a perfectly respectable size...if you are English. It has three bedrooms, a bathroom, a loo, a laundry area, living room, dining room/kitchen and a front and back garden. By Australian standards it is tiny. And we are clearly poor (it doesn't help that we left what furniture we have in London - everything here is hand-me-downs or bought from Vinnies [think Oxfam]).

So, we drove to the foot of the local mountain range and found the right place (set in five acres of, essentially, parkland). It was massive. More of a community centre than a house. Small boy's friend has a fully furnished playroom that's bigger than our living room with a full-size wooden horse and a piano).

Small boy had a whale of a time, but his parents came home crushed. I hope he won't always be the poor pikey kid in the class. Hesitantly, I suggested that friend have a sleepover at our house soon. When do children get a dose of class consciousness? Are we being perverse sending him to a school full of more privileged kids or does our commitment to education say good things about us? 

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