Saturday, May 04, 2013

So, where were we?

I got a full time job just as TA lost his. TA went back to school (again) and did a degree in illustration, fast-tracked, in a year. He also published two core rule books for his RPG system, FateStorm. Sprout is now a small boy, and attends Hogwarts, the nearly local school of magic. The school fees are 1/3 of my take-home pay, but I refuse to attempt to get a better job or do anything other than sulk.

I have become a regular in the op-shops.

I met a man on a diet website looking for instructions on how to make bacon (him, not me - I recommended HFW's MEAT book, sadly, I'm not inventing this) and nearly had an affair, which certainly wasn't part of the game plan. However, despite everything, TA and I remain married and more or less together.

I continue to teeter on the very outer edge of what might loosely be termed sanity.

I have work friends, but not a social life beyond TA and small boy's social circles. I continue to be cripplingly homesick.

The Christmas before last, we took small boy to the Isle for a traditional English celebration. Two weeks after we got back, my father had a very severe stroke and has been left struggling for words. We will be going back in a few weeks for a three-week visit. Every visit now (and there aren't many, clearly) might well be the last.

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